Cuma, Temmuz 10, 2009

Being A Friend...

Sometimes being a friend can be too hard. You should stand there for your friends and you should show respect to their decisions and be silent although you do not approve their decisions in fact. Furthermore you should be there and give your shoulder to your friends when they understand that they make mistakes as you have guessed before.

Sometimes you should prevent your friends' making mistakes although you know they will get angry or sometimes you should support your friends although you know what they are about to do is a mistake for them in order to help them learn by themselves.

Sometimes you make mistakes and demand forgiveness from your friends. However sometimes you get just an angry and humiliating look. Inspite of all your efforts to be a good friend you can be a bad one for your friends and you might be judged mercilessly by your friends.

Being a friend can be too hard sometimes. However, the world cannot be endured without friends

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